Westside Story – Pierce Transit Tests EZ Boy Recliners at Bus Stops

EZ Boy Recliner at Pierce Transit Bus Stop Test Site 8500 Bridgeport Way SW.

On December 25, 2012, we published a story titled Pierce Transit Fights Obesity.

Being community minded and wanting to be a part of the solution to American obesity, Pierce Transit experimented with installing exercise bikes at their bus stop test sights.

It turns out that most bus riders do not like exercise and are actually quite slothful.

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Pierce College to offer new course in social media for business

LAKEWOOD, WASH. – Starting fall quarter, Pierce College is proud to offer a brand new course designed to introduce students to social media best practices for business.  Introduction to Social Media Marketing (Business 134) will be taught completely online, and will give students hands on experience using social media, creating blogs, and exploring other emerging technologies.

Students can expect to spend at least 10 hours per week on the class, and will walk away from the course with practical experience and an online portfolio showcasing their abilities. [Read more...]

Employee salary information posted on Finance Division page

The Finance Division of the City of Lakewood has posted salary and wage information on its homepage.

“We are dedicated to being as transparent and open an organiztion as possible,” Assistant City Manager for Finance & Administrative Services Tho Kraus said.

If you haven’t checked out the Finance Division’s homepage for awhile, it’s a worth a look. The page offers a wealth of information and budget documents.

‘Gateways to Lakewood (Garden and Signage)’ subject of Lakewood United meeting, Aug.28

The topic at Lakewood United on Thursday, August 28 will be “Gateways to Lakewood (Garden and Signage)” – Mary Dodsworth, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director, City of Lakewood (Karen – MC)

The Lakewood United group meets at 7 AM every Thursday at Burs Restaurant, which is located at 6151 Steilacoom Boulevard SW in Lakewood. The next two programs after this week are as follows: [Read more...]

Westside Story – Missing Person


Hey, I miss you guys. My last article appeared in the June 17, 2014, Suburban Times. We have not shared one single Westside Story since.

I know some of you have been searching the obituaries for my name. Others thought I might be doing some hard prison time. There was even talk of putting my photo on milk cartons. My most loyal reader thought putting my photo on beer cans might be more effective. [Read more...]

Rockin’ around Lakewood


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Some folks collect matchbooks; some collect vintage cars or boats, while others collect…well, you get the idea.

If rock collecting turns you on, one Lakewood resident has a deal you can’t refuse. He has three to four tons of rocks in his backyard, and he’s parting company with this exotic, geologic assortment in a three-day-only yard sale.

This coming weekend, Aug. 29, 30 and 31, John Huber is offering his 30+ year Rock Collection. Gemologists, geologists and other rock hounds are welcome to select pieces from this extensive collection for their own.
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