Lakewood author launches his book on


Pulling together his photography, writing, illustration and design experiences, Ed Kane, retired army media content producer of Lakewood, has put the final touches on a retirement book project decades in the making.

Kane’s book, Roads to Ruins, is a pictorial essay and history of the castles and other primarily defensive structures of Germany’s Middle Ages. Producing the material for his “retirement” project took six trips to Germany over 30 years. He has produced the entire book – photography, design illustrations and writing – himself as his legacy project. Now ready for printing, he has opted to raise the funding for the printing phase by appealing to the crowd-funding website,

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The O’Rourke Memorial Library at Lakewold Gardens

LAKEWOOD –  Plant Yourself in Lakewold’s Library. What gardener doesn’t wish for a private library in which to spend time reading, researching and exploring the world of horticulture? At Lakewold Gardens, we have the next best thing. As part of Lakewold’s 25th Anniversary celebration, the Library is now open to visitors, offering over 1,000 volumes on everything from alliums to zinnias, Rhododendrons and roses, best choices for NW gardens, maintenance and landscape design, gardens of the world, and everything in between. 

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Letter: Penny’s on the Boulevard good food, prices

By Toni Aulerich

Have you had any homestyle cooking, in a restaurant, in the past few days? For me it is a meatloaf sandwich, something few people have tried. Penny’s on the Boulevard Restaurant and Bar has the best I have had since the last time I made a meatloaf that wasn’t scooped instead of sliced.

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What a Career!

West Pierce Fire & Rescue logo

Jim Sharp, Fire Chief, West Pierce Fire & Rescue

When Colleen Adler started out as a 9-1-1 dispatcher at Fire Comm I doubt she had any idea where her career would take her.  She has actually made a couple of careers for herself at West Pierce Fire & Rescue.  Sadly for us it is coming to a close on April 30th.   Fortunately for Colleen this means more time with her family, especially her grandbabies.

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Help feed hungry families while dancing the night away

Help feed hungry families in Pierce County while dancing the night away at FISH Food Banks’ FriendRaiser on Saturday, April 19. Classic rock ‘n roll entertainment generously provided by Daryl & the Diptones. With your support, in one fun evening, FISH Food Banks can purchase three cargo containers full of nutritious food for families in need. 

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