Letter: It can be done, so why wasn’t it?

Dont shoot

Author – David Anderson

As we continue to await word from the results of the interview of Lakewood Police Department (LPD) officials with two of their officers who have been placed on administrative leave following the shooting death of Daniel Covarrubias this last Tuesday, April 21 – specifically as to whether or not the father of seven was armed at the time he was shot – should the public be holding its fire or is it legitimate to ask why the LPD did not withhold theirs? [Read more…]

Lakewood city manager’s weekly info bulletin 4/24/2015

Topics of Interest and Updates

Parks Appreciation Day 2015

Park Appreciation Day is Saturday, April 25. Lakewood residents have made this effort a success the last 14 years. The improvements and beautification projects completed by volunteers every year are too numerous to list, but they have all made a difference in our community’s parks. We count on volunteers each year to prepare Lakewood’s parks for the spring/summer season. The 2015 sites set for City of Lakewood Park Appreciation Day projects on Saturday, April 25, are: [Read more…]

CPTC: preparing for management level with BASMO


There isn’t much of Clover Park Technical College’s Lakewood Campus that Bryan Daniels hasn’t seen.

His education at CPTC started as a high school student at Northwest Career & Technical High School. After graduation he earned his associate’s degree in the Heating & Air Conditioning Refrigeration/Service Technician Program. While a student he became employed at Hayes Child Development Center. [Read more…]

CPSD transportation department receives exceptional school bus inspection rating

Clover Park School District’s (CPSD) transportation department received exceptional results from the Washington State Patrol (WSP) annual inspection of its bus fleet. Once a year, the WSP performs a 100 percent inspection of the district’s bus and motor pool fleet of vehicles that transport students. The fleet of vehicles – 138 buses and 14 district vans – received a 100 percent rating with no out of service criteria. [Read more…]