Letter: Foster Care Placement Crisis in Pierce County


By Erika Thompson

Pierce County has a desperate need for foster families. Each night there are children sitting in the Tacoma office waiting for placement. On Monday there were eight children, on Tuesday six children ranging from age 2-14 years still without a place to rest their head at 10 pm. [Read more…]

Beware of fake Seahawks tickets

It’s the day many football fans have been waiting for: single-game tickets for the Seahawks go on sale today. Last year the coveted tickets sold out within minutes, leaving many fans desperate to find alternative ways to score tickets. Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington reminds consumers to tread carefully when searching for tickets, considering a number of them may be fake. [Read more…]

Lakes High School player working to excel on the field

After an injury to Lakes’ starting quarterback No. 8 Jaiave Magalei, No.6 Rob Reiten stepped up to lead the Lancers against Sumner in 2014.

By Jon Esken

Lakes has produced several high school football All-Americans over the decades. This fact has attracted a lot of talent and national attention to Lakes. Along with those talented young teenagers are those student-athletes that live in the shadows of athletic superiority. They wait and work for their opportunity to excel. [Read more…]