It’s time!

Tick, tock, tick tock…Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days…Decades.

What exactly IS Time? Calendars (Julian, Gregorian, Chinese, Mayan?) clocks (sand, water, atomic?), appointment books, Deadlines, Half Time…just a few of the many ways we “keep track” of its passing. It’s something there’s never enough of. [Read more…]

Around the Sound: Puppets Please

A December afternoon program at Lakewood Library, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, featured a "cast" of a dozen marionettes including the bear who lost his underwear!

It’s nice to be a child…even if only during the holiday season. That’s when grown-ups can enjoy kids’ programs without feeling uncomfortable! On Saturday, Dec. 20, I became a child just for an hour when “Puppets Please” presented their Lakewood holiday show, courtesy of the Friends of the Library! [Read more…]

Around the Sound: Steilacoom’s ‘All Comers Concert’ set for Sunday

During December, Steilacoom’s Town Hall, long-time locale for numerous dances, council meetings, anniversaries, and more, has also been the setting for several holiday events.

Such as the one planned for 6 p.m. on Dec. 14—the 7th annual “All Comers Concert.” Since its 2008 inaugural year, Steilacoomites of all ages have joined in this community celebration that includes local musicians, singers, scouting groups; even a guest appearance from Santa.

[Read more…]