Around Town: O say, can you see?

Historian Loren Bures talks about flag etiquette at Ft. Steilacoom's Flag Day program.

In my younger days, the long-stemmed, frilly purple flowers, known as “flags” had me confused, at least until I attended my first hometown Pennsylvania (No. 2) military parade. Then I learned the difference. And years later the sight of that majestic red/white/blue banner rippling in a breeze atop a flagpole remains a source of pride. [Read more…]

Around the Sound: Remember when at CPHS?


Do you remember…walking from Lake City to Clover Park High School?

That day in 1949 when the earthquake set the halls to rockin’ and rollin’? Busch’s Drive-In–where burgers were 50 cents? And a BBQ was 45 cents? How about the school snack bar where the Baby Ruth candybar was popular? The school prom, held in CPHS gymnasium?—no limousines to that event. [Read more…]

Around the Sound: Harold “Pepper” Roberts honored


Golf—it’s everywhere! It’s difficult to avoid all the focus on the big event that begins next week.

There also are some smaller ones, though, such as an event held at American Lake’s Veterans Rehabilitation Center and Golf Course. It was the opening of the newest nine-hole course, termed the Course in Courage, with each hole named for individual service medals. [Read more…]