Around the Sound: Islanders rally to save ill eagle

As told to Nancy Covert

This past Friday night Anderson Islander, Jeanne McGoldrick, phoned some neighbors to report that her young grandson, Andrew, spotted an injured eagle on the beach (the kids love to swing on the Stephensons’ swing down there). The eagle could not fly, and seemed hungry. Dave McGoldrick brought down some salmon for the eagle, who I will call “him”, but it could be a “her.” [Read more...]

Lemming pitches for gold

JJ Lemming
JJ Lemming

JJ Lemming pitching at Steamboat Springs World Series (photo courtesy of Sara Lemming)

J. J. Lemming started back to 8th grade at Pioneer Middle School this past week, and the Steilacoom teenager had a cool story to share with his classmates.

His “how he spent his summer” story likely included a recap about taking part in the 19th annual Triple Crown Baseball World Series in Steamboat Springs, CO. His “Dream Team,” comprised of guys from Lacey and one lone Steilacoomite, was one 0f 29 other teams that participated this year. [Read more...]

Rockin’ around Lakewood


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Some folks collect matchbooks; some collect vintage cars or boats, while others collect…well, you get the idea.

If rock collecting turns you on, one Lakewood resident has a deal you can’t refuse. He has three to four tons of rocks in his backyard, and he’s parting company with this exotic, geologic assortment in a three-day-only yard sale.

This coming weekend, Aug. 29, 30 and 31, John Huber is offering his 30+ year Rock Collection. Gemologists, geologists and other rock hounds are welcome to select pieces from this extensive collection for their own.
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Around the Sound: Wild carrots and weedy “sweet” peas

Two weekends ago my granddaughter and her parents loaded their vehicles and left very early Friday morning for the annual pilgrimage to the other side of the state where granddaughter was to begin her sophomore year at WSU. This morning I received a set of jpgs (see, I’m using the lingo) showing how her suite and bedroom were are arranged. Once she settled in, she helped arriving freshmen familiarize themselves with the campus. [Read more...]