Around the Sound: Steilacoom’s mayor teaches civics lesson

Included in the agenda at Steilacoom’s May 5 Council Meeting, Mayor Ron Lucas provided an impromptu civics lesson. By way of explanation to a group of Steilacoom High School seniors attending as part of their civics class requirements, Mayor Lucas paused frequently to explain the council process to the students. As part of the civics class requirements, explained Gary Wusterbarth, SHS civics teacher/basketball coach, “students are required to achieve four political hours observing school board meetings, town councils, community forms, etc. before the end of the class semester.” [Read more…]

Around the Sound: Anderson Island Historical Society begins long-awaited Archive Building


In a way, it was like a scene from Gulliver’s Travels this past weekend on Anderson Island.

A detailed, miniature replica of a soon-to-be-built “H-shaped” structure was the center of attraction during the May 9 groundbreaking. Surrounded by lots of really tall people, the building will take shape on a field adjacent to Anderson Island Historical Society’s (AIHS) Johnson Farm community garden, When finished later this year, it will measure 5,000 square feet. [Read more…]

Around the Sound: Steilacoom woman marks 99th birthday


A narrow space between a pair of parted velvet drapes reveals a bird’s-eye glimpse of early Steilacoom—the waterfront, the wharves, and stair-cased houses ascending the town’s sloping hillside. Dressed in dark clothing and seated on opposite sides of this scene are two people who, upon closer inspection, look very familiar. The whimsical “primitive” scene hangs on the wall of the Dunkin home. The1997 painting is a private, personal tribute to their role in Steilacoom’s history. [Read more…]

Around the Sound: Architectural history in Lakewood, Steilacoom

May is celebrated as National Historic Preservation Month, and this year’s focus is on the nation’s federal buildings.

In Tacoma, the structure that’s cited is the Federal Courthouse, which is located in the former Union Depot on Pacific Avenue. Although other architects designed that train station, two early 20th century architects, Ambrose Russell and Emmanual J. Bresemann, should be acknowledged for their local contributions. [Read more…]