‘Make a Difference Day’ in Steilacoom

2014.10.26 Nancy Covert image 1.800x600

By 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 24, a crew of about 28 men and women from the 42nd MP Brigade at JBLM arrived at Farrell’s Marsh, ready to gravel and mulch the Marsh’s meandering pathway. The project is part of the on-going partnership with Steilacoom’s Community Connectors who’ve done numerous community-spirited jobs around town, such as shrub removal, painting, even creating a labyrinth at Cherrydale Primary School, for more than a decade. [Read more...]

Around the Sound: Goodman’s Garden sparkles


STEILACOOM – Ann Goodman’s garden on Stevens Street is decorated for the season–pumpkins, ghosts, and other goodies–including a rare bouquet of blue glass bottles. Ann says they’re her tribute to Dale Chihuly–Tacoma’s renowned glass artist (see photo gallery below). A retired elementary teacher, Ann moved to town six years ago and set about taming the patch of blackberries that grew on the site. [Read more...]

The “Doughboy” Story

Doughboy PVT Guy Pelsey

Mention the name “doughboy” and most people immediately envision that plump, white Pillsbury® doughboy—but the original “Doughboy” wasn’t anything like that.

The expression, “doughboy” was used a century earlier than World War I, when the term to describe American soldiers, who went “over there,” became more widespread. [Read more...]

Around the Sound: Island Dragon produces great cider

The humble potato harvester, developed in the 1950s, primarily for scooping potatoes from the fields and into waiting trucks, is a versatile device: it’s not just for potatoes.

A few decades ago, one Northern Idaho community, finding itself strapped for cash to purchase fancy, state-of-the-art snow removal equipment, instead rounded up a couple of potato harvesters. By the time the snow fell that year, a city crew and the revamped harvester went to work handily removing accumulated snow from downtown streets.

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