Around the Sound: Local neighborhood to marks its 125th birthday on May Day

From the lead paragraph in the Tacoma Daily Ledger’s 1889 Newspaper, promoting the sale of land in what became Lake City. “The Lake City Land Co. will offer for sale on and After May 1, 1889 lots in their Beautiful Suburban Townsite, Lake City on American Lake. The Tacoma & Lake City Railroad and Navigation Company have placed on the Lake a steamer and a fleet of row and sailboats and have commenced grading the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Tacoma to the Lake. For prices and particulars apply to: Ross & Naubert, 1001 A Street or Smith, Root & Jordan, 919 Pacific Avenue.”

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Around the Sound: Mann Middle School wins 2014 Battle of the Books


Students from five Clover Park Middle Schools “battled” at Lakewood Library on March 24 for bragging rights from this year’s Battle of the Books.

No, they weren’t tossing books around. Contrary to all too many negative reports about the decline of reading, Clover Park School students actually are Reading. Their efforts paid off this past Monday.

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Around the Sound: Gnome place like home


When you drive through Steilacoom’s Tunnel of Trees do you have the feeling that “someone is watching you”? It’s true, there is something keeping a lookout from his house under the trees…a tiny, blue-hatted gnome who keeps his eye on motorists and pedestrians as they meander through his forest home.


This gnome hopes that no one takes him home… one gnome already has been taken :(
Please allow this GNOME to remain in his home. Thanks.

Around the Sound: Spring around the area


All this heavy rain means that Winter is putting up a fight. But signs of spring are visible: from the delicate crocuses popping up on the grounds of the Old Settler’s Cemetery in Lakewood, to the tiny pink blossoms on the flowering plum at the Towne Center; snowdrops and jonquils lining the gateway at Lakewold Gardens and lots of camellia blossoms budding up around the lake.

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Ah, spring…one of these days!