Rockin’ around Lakewood


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Some folks collect matchbooks; some collect vintage cars or boats, while others collect…well, you get the idea.

If rock collecting turns you on, one Lakewood resident has a deal you can’t refuse. He has three to four tons of rocks in his backyard, and he’s parting company with this exotic, geologic assortment in a three-day-only yard sale.

This coming weekend, Aug. 29, 30 and 31, John Huber is offering his 30+ year Rock Collection. Gemologists, geologists and other rock hounds are welcome to select pieces from this extensive collection for their own.
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Around the Sound: Wild carrots and weedy “sweet” peas

Two weekends ago my granddaughter and her parents loaded their vehicles and left very early Friday morning for the annual pilgrimage to the other side of the state where granddaughter was to begin her sophomore year at WSU. This morning I received a set of jpgs (see, I’m using the lingo) showing how her suite and bedroom were are arranged. Once she settled in, she helped arriving freshmen familiarize themselves with the campus. [Read more...]

Around the Sound: Meet me in St. Louis…or Puyallup

Wait! Not St. Louis…that was held to mark the 1904 centennial of Lewis and Clark. Besides, it was a musical that featured Judy Garland who sang the title song… “Meet me in St. Louis, Louis…”

Headliner entertainment aside, it’s always the artistic arrangements of fruits, veggies and flowers that are the perennial attention-getters at these agricultural events. These intricate displays have long symbolized the fair’s primary purpose: showcasing Mother Nature’s bounty.

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Around the Sound: Old Settler Cemetery is setting for recent Eagle Scout project

There are four early burial sites in the Lakewood region: Mountain View Cemetery, just off Steilacoom Boulevard, that marks its centennial in 2015, the pioneer cemetery on the grounds of Western State Hospital—a small area where early pioneers, such as Steilacoom’s first mayor (and Idaho’s Territorial Governor) William Wallace and his wife, Lucena, are buried; Grave Concerns, the Ft. Steilacoom park graveyard for patients from the hospital, and the Masonic Cemetery, located in a cul de sac off Washington Blvd.

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Around the Sound: Grab the Brass Ring


Remember that exhilarating scene in Disney’s “Mary Poppins” where Mary, the nanny, Bert the Chimney Sweep, and two children mount a carousel? After a few spins their colorful horses dash off the rotating platform and gallop across country.

In all the years I’ve ridden carousels I haven’t yet found a horse where that actually happens, but someday…

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Around the Sound: Lakewood Historical Society dedicates historical markers


Never mind that Wednesday’s temperatures were above the norm. A group of Lakewood historians were standing in the shade when they dedicated two more historical markers in the City.

LHS President Becky Huber, joined by Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson and City Manager John Caufield, LHS board members and others, gathered in a shady spot at Lakewold Gardens, to dedicate the latest of a pair of a dozen bronze markers.

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