Westside Story – Election Reflection

Just 12 days of slick, misleading political recycling trash junk mail.

November 4, 2014, Election Day, has come and gone.

I remember middle school elections of the 1950s.  Candidates made posters. Candidates made “Vote for me” paper badges for their supporters.  Little effort was expended determining which candidates were most qualified. It was a silly juvenile popularity contest based on superficial issues such as who had the best posters.

As I reflect on elections in my adult life, it appears to me that not much has changed.  Today’s elections are still much like middle school;  silly  and juvenile.
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Westside Story – Downton Abbey

Crawley family and servants greet Cora’s mother (Played by actress, Shirley MacLaine) as she arrives from America.
Downton Abbey cast in front of the Crawley Estate.

Downton Abbey cast in front of the Crawley Estate.

Are you a fan of the globally popular TV series, Downton Abbey?

I know Downton Abbey sounds like a show for the gals, but Downton Abbey can grab a guy’s interest on multiple levels such as scenery, architecture, costumes, history, characters, story lines, classic cars and historical employment rolls. [Read more…]

Westside Story – Roadway Catapult


With over two decades in law enforcement, I have investigated plenty of cases involving unnecessary injury and death to innocent victims. While it is true I am retired, I can still spot potential trouble from a mile away.

Check this guy out. He loaded a heavy water heater onto the trunk deck of his car and then with some flimsy cord and a single bungee cord, tied the load down by running the line through his open back windows. Down the road he goes. [Read more…]

Westside Story – Old Paint Cans


In the 1950s when I was a 12 year old kid, I used to go to the dump with my dad in his 1936 Chevy pickup truck. As soon as we left the highway, he let me drive the old truck around the dump. That is right; no high school driver’s training for me.

We had the entire truck-bed loaded with trash, garbage and junk. By the way, we called this magic place the dump, not some fancy name like Recycling Center, Recovery Site or Landfill. If you had something you wanted to get rid of, you hauled it to the smelly dump, fought through the army of flies and pushed it out of the truck, with no questions asked. There were no rules to complicate life. [Read more…]

Westside Story – Cashless in Seattle

Left - Con-man parking ticket. Right - legitimate ticket.

Remember that fun movie, Sleepless in Seattle? This story has nothing to do with that movie. Cashless in Seattle is a different kind of story. The scene I am about to describe could be in a movie, but it was not.

After my wife and I retired, we decided to dedicate one day a week as Date-Day. We pledged to set this one day aside each week to do fun things together.

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Westside Story – Drug Babies

Actual scene from Joe Boyle’s creative work environment during interview of local author, Shirlee Eskew Dashow, with her new book, Coke-Cry Revisited.

Readers, today was a fun day starting with a coffee meeting with local author Shirlee Eskew Dashow who has published her first book, Coke-Cry Revisited.

Coke-Cry Revisited. Titles fascinate me. I play with titles as I create my articles. I continually search for just the right words. I want my titles to be on target, say a lot in a few words and to capture the attention of my readers with the hope they will want to see the photos and read the entire article. [Read more…]