Westside Story – Lakewood Struck By Meteor


OK, I admit my title, Lakewood Struck By Meteor, might be a leap to an erroneous conclusion, but what did happen? The location is the intersection of Gravelly Lake Drive SW and 112th St SW near Clover Park High School.

Does anyone know? It looks like another vehicle exceeded the 30 mph speed limit, missed the turn, jumped the curb and smacked the rock wall. I did not find any tire markings on the pavement, nor were there any tire impressions in the grass.

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Westside Story – Lakewood First Lions Club Crab Feed

Lakewood First Lions Crab Feed

I met John and Nancieann Anderson back in the 1970s when we worked at New York Life Insurance Company. The two of them have been serving our Lakewood community for decades as members of Lakewood First Lions Club. John has 40 years of volunteer service with the Lions. Nancieann has 20 years service.

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Westside Story – ‘No Wife, No Horse, No Mustache, No Cell Phone’

Kelli Pritchard (Keila's mother, left), Keila Pritchard - West Point, Dave Pritchard (Keila's father, right)

One of the fun things about being a writer, who no longer writes police reports, is I can be creative in my writing.  When you write police reports, being creative is not acceptable.  It is all about, “Just the facts.”

Some of you may have heard the classic admonition, “No Wife, No Horse, No Mustache,” which originated with the U.S.Military Academy at West Point, commonly referred to as simply, West Point.  West Point is located in West Point, New York.

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Westside Story – Pariskevopoulos

Kayden Paris

Each and every one of us has an interesting life story.  That being true, I realize I could spend my lifetime trying to tell all these stories without ever leaving Starbucks.

Todays story starts with the word Pariskevopoulos.  Pariskevopoulos is an original pre-America last name from  Greece.  It is the family name of my Starbucks friend, Kayden Paris.  His full name originally would have been Justin Kayden Pariskevopoulos, had it not been for the impact of influential circumstances.  His name is constantly being reshaped by societal events.  For most of his life he went by his first name, Justin.  That changed when he joined the Starbucks team.  There were already three Justins working 100th Street Starbucks.  A fourth Justin was just too much.  Justin decided to use his middle name, Kayden.

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Westside Story – Community Christmas Angels – CORRECTION

Let’s blame it on the computer, shall we? Ben Sclair and Joe Boyle never make mistakes; heh, heh, heh. The contact information for the Christmas Angels program at Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare was accidentally deleted from my article.

If you wish to make a contribution in the form of money, grants, goods, services, or storage space, please contact one of our Christmas Angels as follows: