Westside Story – Lemonheads

Make up artist, Rachael Wagoner, fixing my radio face for film while I am in full costume.

I imagine some of you have heard me describe my life in three chapters. Chapter I involved 25 + years in business. Chapter II was 23 + years in public service as a deputy sheriff. After I retired on April Fool’s Day, 2013, I started Chapter III which is The Arts. [Read more…]

Westside Story – The Nisqually Delta


Here is an idea. Gather up some friends and head south on I-5 through the disgraceful political achievement known at the JBLM bottleneck. Soon after you cross over the Nisqually River bridge from Pierce County into Thurston County, take Exit #114 off I-5. Make two right turns and you will find yourself heading into an area called the Nisqually Delta. The park-like area you drive into is named Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge located at 100 Brown Farm Road, Olympia, Washington 98516. T: 360-753-9467 or toll free 800-344-WILD. This area is where the fresh water of Nisqually River meets the salt water of Puget Sound. [Read more…]

Westside Story – Infomercial #3


This is great, if I do say so myself. Another fantastic creative idea from Joe Boyle, recently voted top creative inventor in Pierce County by the Off The Wall Inventor’s League.

Send me $105.00 + shipping and handling and I will have one of my new all weather Senior Citizen Parking Only reserved parking signs delivered to your doorstep. [Read more…]

Westside Story – Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare – 50th Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser


One of the advantages of being the oldest living cub reporter this side of the Mississippi is that I get to meet and spend time with achievers who, for me, are always interesting people. Just last week I met with Ms. Terri Card, President & Chief Executive Officer of Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare and her Executive Assistant, Ms. Annette Arriola. Greater Lakes is located at 9330 – 59th Av SW, Lakewood, Washington 98499. T: 253-581-7020. [Read more…]

Westside Story – Remember Song

Acoustic guitar. I own it. Someday I hope to play it.
Acoustic guitar. I own it. Someday I hope to play it.

Acoustic guitar. I own it. Someday I hope to play it.

An old college roommate of mine, Melvin R. Van Iderstein, sends me mind tickling e-mails from time to time. Mel’s last e-mail included a video I wish to share with you which titled Tom Rush Remember Song.

I hope to bring you laughter that can be heard in the next room.


Westside Story – US Open Breeds Greed

Chambers Bay US Open Championship breeds greed.

Chambers Bay US Open Championship breeds greed.

I love business and capitalism for all kinds of reasons, but when you add the element of greed to business, I have nothing but disdain for those responsible for giving capitalism a black eye.

A few days ago an incident involving cut-throat capitalism was reported in TV news and print media. It was reported that Mr. Abdulaziz Karim (AKA Aziz), a local business owner and landlord, appears to be using business practices to force at least two families out of their homes in order to make giant bucks renting his homes to B.T.O.s (Big Time Operators) associated with the 2015 US Open Championship. He stands to make $38,000 per house during the US Open Championship in June, 2015. [Read more…]