TNT: Steilacoom woman sought answers on child abuse — from a child predator

“Sylvia Peterson wasn’t thinking about a book when she began visiting the most dangerous female sex predator in the state. She was hoping to resolve her own personal horror.

“‘I thought it might be possible to get information that would help explain my grandfather, who abused me when I was 7 years old,’ Peterson said.” Read the rest of Larry Larue’s story in The News Tribune.

TNT: Police force staffing tied to University Place vote on utility taxes

“University Place voters will decide next month whether to pay more taxes to keep the city’s police force from cutting staff.

“If voters approve the increase Nov. 4, utility taxes in the city will go from the current rate of 6 percent to 9.5 percent. That will allow the department to maintain staffing levels and eventually grow by three deputies and one patrol sergeant, officials say.”

Read the rest of Brynn Grimley’s story in The News Tribune.

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