TNT: Fircrest council opts to continue adding fluoride to city’s drinking water

From The News Tribune: “The water in the city of Fircrest will continue to be fluoridated. The City Council opted for the status quo Tuesday by voting down an ordinance that would have stopped the 57-year practice.

“Despite the council voting 5-2 to continue water fluoridation, anti-fluoride activists said they aren’t done trying to get the chemical additive removed from the city’s water supply.” Read more here.

Breaking Hunger Trap Shooting Tournament Targets Food Insecurity


LAKEWOOD — Finding fun, fresh, innovative ways to combine people’s passions with their giving is tough in a landscape of golf tournaments and auctions. To accommodate the increase in demand for food at the 60 food banks, meal sites, and shelters that Emergency Food Network (EFN) serves, Board Member Darren Schuldheiss took aim at combining two of his passions: fighting hunger and shooting clay pigeons out of the air.

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Election information and results schedule for the August 2014 primary

On August 5, 2014, Pierce County will join with the rest of Washington State in voting in the 2014 primary election. The Pierce County Auditor’s office has published an election information and results schedule that details what’s on the ballot, what special elections are taking place, how to vote, where to vote, when we’ll know the results, and a number of other frequently asked questions. Click to access the 2014 Primary Election Information and Results Schedule.