Westside Story – Good Sign – Bad Sign

Lakewood Hallmark

Story & Photo – Joseph Boyle

Last night I was heading over to the Lakewood Towne Center Safeway when I spotted what I have termed “Good Sign – Bad Sign”.  Check out my photo to see what I mean.

GOOD SIGN – Hallmark: For 35 years we have enjoyed the benefit of having a Hallmark Store and the friendly staff in Lakewood.  Whenever I wanted to get a little something for my wife, I always headed to Hallmark.  They never let me down.

BAD SIGN – Going Out Of Business: Well, very sad to say, they are going out of business.

February 22, 2013 will be the last day I can go to this “man friendly” store to buy my wife a greeting card, picture frame or charm bracelet.

The staff that works at Hallmark, some of whom for years, will be out of a job in about four weeks.  The staff has not been given any reason why this is happening.  Sad.

To anyone who might read this, please do what you can to help the Hallmark crew get a new job.

Hallmark staff, we wish you well.


  1. Ken Upton says

    I, likewise, was shocked last week when I saw the sign the day after it went into the window when I went in to get a card! The staff was still working as diligently as usual selling display items and preparing the store for it’s last February 14th Valentine Day business. If only some other card-selling entrepeneur or franchisee would step up right away and continue in this convenient location. I wonder if Towne Center management was involved in any way with this unfortunate decision. I’ts starting to be a trend in what’s gonna end up being a very large parking lot with only a City Hall as a tenant one of these days!

  2. says

    This really is a shame. I can remember when J.C. Penney, Woolworths
    was on that strip then known as Villa Plaza then we had the closed
    mall then that was torn down and we get the New Town Center. I hate
    to see empty store fronts in Lakewood again. Good question Ken.