Legislators visit Clover Park schools for Focus on Education


On Nov. 16, Clover Park School District Superintendent Debbie LeBeau, Director Paul Wagemann and several district administrators met with local legislators to give them the opportunity to visit our schools and see the work being done to increase student success through student achievement, partnerships and community engagement. The event began at Lakes High School—the district’s newest school building—where culinary arts students prepared breakfast and discussed the importance of career and technical education. Ignite Mentors also spoke about their program and how it connects students for success in high school.

From there, guests were taken on a school bus to Southgate Elementary School to hear about the strategies school staff have implemented to improve student achievement. On the way to and from Southgate, legislators had an opportunity to hear about some of the district’s partnerships with the city of Lakewood, Boys and Girls Club, Lakewood and Clover Park Rotaries, and Clover Park Technical College.

The event gave LeBeau the opportunity to represent students and staff and address district budget priorities, which include the importance of protecting Local Effort Assistance funding, also known as levy equalization funds; making no additional cuts to already insufficient basic education funding and maintaining school construction assistance in the capital budget.

State legislators are in a special session to determine further cuts to K-12 education for this school year to bridge a projected $1.4 billion shortfall in the current biennium.